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Returning Student Registration 9-12

2017-2018 Registration Materials and Instructions

Dear Parents and Students:

It's hard to believe that summer is gone and we are already gearing up for another exciting school year. Class of 2018. . . congratulations! You're almost there. It always amazes me how quickly time flies. We welcome yet another freshmen class and continue to prepare all students for college and career goals beyond high school. I hope everybody has had a nice, relaxing summer.

We have received positive feedback about the online registration forms. Many of you have taken advantage of printing the forms out at home and bringing them in completed. We will continue to offer online forms at the high school at http://fhs.festus.k12.mo.us/. Under the heading "Quick Links" you will find Registration Forms. **Please do not confuse the registration packet with the New Enrollee packet. The new enrollee packet is for students NEW to Festus. If you do not have a way to print out the forms, you may get a copy of the packet from the high school office. Simply stop by or
call Mrs. Lassing at 636-937-5410 ext. 8.

                                                                                                    Registration Dates are:
                                                                                    August 7th: Seniors 8:30-11:30 and 1-3
                                                                                    August 8th: Juniors 8:30-11:30 and 1-3
                                                                                    August 9th: Sophomores 8:30-11:30 and 1-3
                                                                                    August 10th: Freshmen 8:30-11:30 and 1-3
      Note: New enrollees may call 636-937-5944 for an appointment. Evening hours are available on August 10th  from 4-6.

Please print off the Registration Checklist and each form. Please read the information carefully. While we realize that nobody enjoys filling out forms, receipt of these forms are necessary to remain in compliance with our guidelines.

The signed forms that we will need back include:

                                                        ● Registration Checklist
                                                        ● Free and Reduced Lunch application (if applicable) 
                                                        Parking Registration                              
                                                        ● Jeffco travel permission slip (for ATS students to drive on Wednesdays)
                                                        ● Receipt of Student Handbook
                                                        ● Athletic Packet (if applicable)
                                                        ● Yearbook form (if applicable)
                                                        ● Picture form (dress code applies. See special instructions for Seniors.)
                                                        ● Acceptable Use Policy (mandatory)
                                                        ● Medical Information Sheet (mandatory)

After you visit each station, a person at the station will initial your Registration Checklist. On the registration checklist, you will find a description of each station. You may deposit money into lunch accounts, purchase your parking permits, purchase Tiger apparel, and get your pictures taken. The 16-17 Yearbook will also be available for pickup. After you have received initials at each station, you visit the counselor's station to pick up your schedule.

During registration, Wagner Portrait group will be here to photograph every student for our database of students. Seniors will get their picture taken along with underclassmen. Please be sure that you dress appropriately. School dress code applies. If a student is not dressed appropriately/he/she will not be able to complete registration or pick up his/her schedule until they change.

Special Senior Photo Instructions: The folks from Fast Foto have retired. As a result, we will be doing something a little different with senior photos this year. At registration, you will still get your picture taken for our school database; however, we will have Wagner here on October 5th to take pictures for the yearbook and the graduation video on the scoreboard at no cost. You will take two pictures: a head shot with formal attire and a cap and gown pose (cap and gown provided by Wagner)

For all student photos, see dress code below:

                                                                            DRESS, GROOMING, AND PERSONAL ITEMS
Dress and grooming are normally the responsibility of students and parents. However, students are expected to dress appropriately and to be reasonably neat and clean while at school.

1. Appropriate and acceptable clothing shall be defined as that which is not revealing, suggestive, gang-related, or disruptive to the educational process.

2. Clothing with vulgar slogans or symbols, racial slurs, nudity, violence, gang symbolism, offensive language or pictures, and/or advertisements for drugs, tobacco, or alcohol direct or implied will not be permitted.

3. Bandannas, sagging pants, holes in pants/shorts within five (5) inches of the inseam, belt chains, cut-off shorts, and muscle shirts with large arm holes are specifically inappropriate for wearing in the school building and/or class. Back, midriff, bottom and cleavage need to be covered during regular school hours. No low cut tops, razorback tanks, short skirts, short shorts, full-length coats, headgear, spiked chains, or spaghetti straps are allowed. As a general rule, tank top straps should be 3” wide. Short length and skirt length should cover all body parts and as a general rule, should have a 4” inseam. See-through leggings should be covered with a shirt or skirt that covers the bottom.

4. All undergarments should be covered at all times and should not be worn outside your clothing, this includes bandeaus.

5. Cap, hats and hoods are not to be worn in the building at any time. Repeated violations will result in relinquishing of hats/caps by student.

6. In the day-by-day operation of the school, the administration, along with the staff, will be responsible for making the final decisions concerning dress or grooming styles which violate health or safety standards or disrupt or interfere with the educational process.

7. Dress Code rules apply to all school activities.

8. No pajamas, house slippers, or blankets are to be worn except on pajama day when approved by administration.

**If a student is found to be in violation of the school dress code, he/she will be referred to administration. Administration will ask the student to change into something more appropriate. If a student refuses to comply, he/she will be disciplined for insubordination accordingly. 

​If you have any questions, please feel free to call (636) 937-5410 ext. 8 or email me at allendiana@festusedu.com . You may also stay up to date on upcoming events by following Festus High School on Facebook or Festus High School on Twitter.